Header Image Saxton Hell

Global Rules

  • Hacking will earn you a permanent ban.
  • Don't be a douchebag. If you're making other players unhappy, don't be surprised if an admin steps in.
  • Don't spam chat or with your mic.
  • Additional rules apply to specific servers, listed below.

VSH & FF2 Server Rules

  • Don't waste other players' time by being useless. Spycrabbing and the like will get you slayed. People don't enjoy waiting between rounds; they'd rather play.
  • Don't exploit map features. Our automated detection system will punish you by slaying you.
  • Capping the point is not against the rules.

Deathrun Rules

  • Don't exploit map features. This includes getting behind map 'motivators'. Our automated detection system will punish you by slaying you.
  • Don't grief other players by standing on small platforms and not allowing them to pass.

Trade Server Rules

  • Be respectful of other traders. Spamming your trades will get you banned.
  • Mic spamming is allowed, but please be respectful of other spammers and wait your turn.
  • Mic spamming is reserved for music. Please don't micspam earrape.
  • Scamming will get you banned. When reporting a scammer to an admin, please provide adequate proof.

Prophunt Server Rules

  • Don't be useless on the hunting team. Actively play the game and don't drag rounds along.
  • Ghosting is not allowed. Ghosting is the act of giving away the location of fellow or enemy props when dead, or stating what props are still alive.
  • Exploiting map features is not allowed. Exploiting is defined as reaching an area where a hunter cannot kill you.

Dodgeball Server Rules

  • Airblasting other players is not against the rules.

Fortwars Server Rules

  • We have a zero tolerance policy of griefing spawn rooms by spamming/blocking with props.
  • Don't grief teammate players by attacking or destroying their props against their wishes.