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Hey, you! Yes, you!

Have you broken our rules? Did you get slapped on the wrist with a server ban? Permabanned, even?

Well boy do we have some good news for you!

Here at Saxton Hell, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance to right their wrongs. Today we are giving everyone a chance to turn over a new leaf and reintroduce themselves into our gaming community!

To facilitate this, we are officially removing all of the approximately 9,000 bans we have on record. Chat or mic spammed? Forgiven! Decided to be a griefer? It’s like it never happened! Cheated or used hacks? We’ll turn the other cheek!

Now, you might be thinking, “This is crazy! Why would anyone do this?! This must be fake!” You need only check our bans website[bans.saxtonhell.com] to see that we are standing firm behind this decision.
A TF2 update has been released, here are the changes:
  • Fixed an infinite healing exploit related to loadout presets
  • Fixed a bug where Medics would be unable to deploy their ÜberCharge
  • Fixed an exploit in Mann vs. Machine mode related to purchasing upgrades for free
  • Fixed workshop contributors not being able to view all of their submitted items using the in-game menus
  • Fixed Strange versions of The Southern Hospitality not tracking sentry kills
  • Fixed The Fortified Compound not triggering the same taunts and voice lines as The Huntsman
  • Fixed not hearing the taunt sounds for The Boston Boom-Bringer and The Infernal Orchestrina on Mann vs. Machine maps
  • Fixed Natascha using the wrong material for the viewmodel
  • Fixed Killstreak sheen effects for the Flying Guillotine (style), The Bat Outta Hell (style), The Unarmed Combat, The Wrap Assassin, The Chargin' Targe, and The Splendid Screen
  • Updated the equip_regions for The Sangu Sleeves, The Huntsman's Essentials, The Lucky Shot, and The Soldier's Stash
  • Updated The Crusader's Crossbow and The Festive Crusader's Crossbow to use the same crosshair as The Huntsman
  • Updated cp_dustbowl
    • Fixed Red team's stage 1 spawn door pushing players in the air
    • Fixed collision on windows, props, and rooflines
    • Fixed floating props
    • Fixed players building inside the alternate exit from the Red spawn in stage 3
  • Updated cp_mountainlab
    • Fixed exploit on rafters near control point 2
  • Updated ctf_2fort
    • Fixed collision on train-wheels prop outside Blu base
    • Fixed clipping on window ledges
    • Fixed collision on pipes in flag rooms
    • Fixed texture al ...
New update, nothing real fun here folks, move along.
  • Fixed an infinite ÜberCharge exploit related to loadout presets.
  • Fixed a case where players that are the target of a vote kick would not be banned from the server.
  • Fixed a Quickplay crash for Linux clients
  • Fixed Linux servers getting disconnected from Steam when multiple servers are run from the same IP
  • Fixed taunts not previewing in the character loadout screen after being equipped
  • Fixed the High-Five! taunt not hiding the Engineer's weapon
  • Fixed some missing knobs on the level 2 dispenser
  • Fixed being able to jarate invulnerable targets with the Sydney Sleeper
  • Lugermorph Killstreakifier can now be applied to all Lugermorph guns
  • Updated several cosmetic items that were missing an item_type description
  • Updated several cosmetic items to count as assisters in Pyrovision
  • Updated the Medi-Mask to use equip_region beard instead of face
  • Quickplay: Added option to search for "nodmgspread" servers
  • Quickplay: Removed disabling of non-vanilla option radio buttons when official servers are selected
A TF2 update has been released! Here are the changes:
  • Add quickplay option to only connect to official Valve servers
  • Prevent game servers from redirecting players to alternate servers when players connect through quickplay
  • Fixed the show_htmlpage command bypassing the cl_disablehtmlmotd convar on the client
  • Fixed the loading screen not rendering correctly for Mac clients
  • Fixed Asian fonts not rendering correctly for Linux clients
  • Fixed a client crash related to Killstreak effects
  • Fixed a client crash caused by trying to load an invalid URL in the MOTD
  • Fixed a server crash related to screen fades
  • Fixed color correction being based off the wrong player's origin in multiplayer games
  • Fixed the Heavy's fists not showing the Killstreak effects
  • Fixed The War on Smissmas Battle Socks hiding the Soldier's grenades
  • Fixed the Meet the Medic taunt not releasing doves during the taunt
  • Fixed HUD elements not drawing correctly after beginning to record a demo
  • Fixed the Short Circuit particles not always being removed on player death
  • Fixed an exploit where players could run the MVM_Revive_Response, MVM_Respec, and use_action_slot_item commands on behalf of other players
  • Updated the Unidentified Following Object, Carrion Companion, and Chucklenuts so they can get assists in Pyrovision
  • Updated the Festive Gloves of Running Urgently to include a blue material when equipped by the Blue team
  • Updated The Brainiac Hairpiece so it can be equipped with items like The Grizzled Growth and added a "no helmet" style
  • Updated The Map Maker's Medallion so name/description tags can be applied to it
  • Updated the Short Circuit to use the Engineer's melee taunt
  • Updated The Scotsm ...
As the year draws to a close, we're given a chance to look back and reflect upon the great year of gaming we've all had. But more importantly, we're also given a chance to gather with friends and family to enjoy the warm and cozy festivities that accompany the last few days of the year.

It really has been a great year, but we owe it all to you guys: the dedicated players. A TF2 community is nothing without the loyal and supportive players who come back time to time to play and call Saxton Hell their home.

So as the holiday cheer begins, we thank you all very much for supporting our servers over this rockin' year, and we wish you all the very best during the holidays and into the new year.

Stay safe, and enjoy the holidays!