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This is a pretty big one, folks.

Check here to read the whole thing: http://www.teamfortress.com/gunmettle/


A lot of weapons are changing, so you might need to re-learn a few things.


New feature : Weapon exchange and pick up. Weapons dropped by killed players can no longer be picked up for ammo. Killed players will now also drop a medium ammo box. Players that can normally equip the dropped weapon (proper class) can look at the weapon and press the 'action key' to exchange it with what they have equipped. The player's equipped weapon will be dropped on the exchange.
Inspect Target has been changed to Inspect Target or Item. While having a decorated weapon deployed with no target under the cross hair and then pressing the bound inspect key (+inspect) , an interruptible view model animation will play.
Random Damage Spread is off by default (ConVar tf_damage_disablespread is set to 1).
Auto reload is on by default (ConVar cl_autoreload 1). Existing users will still use their currently set value. This setting can be changed under Advance Options or through the developer console.
Updated various weapon descriptions to better detail the weapon's features.

Class and Weapon Changes


Spy no longer smacks himself in the face while reloading a revolver (New Spy revolver reload animation that does not block cross hair)
Changing to a new disguise while already under a disguise takes 0.5 seconds instead of the normal disguise time of 2 seconds
In the disguise menu, pressing 'reload' will also toggle the disguise team.
While invisible, Spy receives 20% less damage from all damage sources
While invisible, Spy has reduced timer on debuffs (fire, jarate, milk, bleed)
I'm happy to announce that, starting today, every user playing on our servers will now automatically be given full administrative power!

You may remember that last year we allowed players to gain instant admin powers by simply filling out an application process. We thought it was a fantastic idea for increasing server moderation that all our players had demanded from us. Surprisingly, not a single person applied! Thus our hopes for a solution were crushed.

This time we're taking the novel approach of simply giving every player who joins our servers the ability to administrate. No application process, no waiting period, no strings attached!

That's right! You can finally be the one to ban that other player you've always hated. Permanently. Or if you're feeling chivalrous, perhaps only slay them every single round without end.

But beware, the other player will be able to easily respond in kind, and perhaps even ban you. So weigh your options carefully, as the person you just slayed might just be typing in the one command that will separate you from your favorite server. Forever.

"But I don't know how to use the admin commands!", you might say. Don't fret! We've got you covered. All you need to get familiar with is this helpful page[wiki.alliedmods.net] that will guide you towards success.

You may have even already noticed strange oddities on the server, such as players being strangely resized at all times. Don't worry, it's probably just one of our countless new admins getting a hang of the commands.

Best of luck to all our new administrators. We expect our servers to become a shining beacon of quality in a modern Team Fortress 2 world where servers with good admins ...
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Machine Attacks series of maps on our first MvM server, we're expanding by introducing a second Machine Hell server.

This server aims to exclusively run mvm campaigns that span multiple maps (such as the Machine Attacks episodes). The first server will now only run single mission maps, so if you're looking to play campaigns you'll need to hop on our second server.

Our MvM Servers
Machine Hell #1 –——— mvm1.hell.tf ————[saxtonhell.com]
Machine Hell #2 ———– mvm2.hell.tf ————[saxtonhell.com]

Click any of the servers above to join!
As we approach a new year, we now have the time to look back and see the new advances in gaming that we have made. Most importantly though, we've had the time to meet up with some old friends and family and catch up on the times that we've missed.

We have had another outstanding year, but none of this could be possible without the support of you guys. We cannot thank you guys enough for coming over and calling Saxton Hell a place where you decide to spend your time to hang out.

So as the holidays begin, we just want to thank you guys for everything you have contributed and we wish the best for you guys during this season.

Be sure to have fun and enjoy the holidays!
Hey all, I've added mannpower powerups to a few more stock tf2 maps on our mannpower servers.

If you've ever wanted to see what grappling hooks and powerups would be like on 2fort and other maps, now is your chance to find out!

Mannpower Hell #1 —— mannpower1.hell.tf —[saxtonhell.com]
Mannpower Hell #2 —— mannpower2.hell.tf —[saxtonhell.com]

Click any of the servers above to join!

List of maps with powerup/grappling hook support: