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Hello Saxton Hell inhabitants,

With the end of 2016 approaching in the next couple weeks, I thought that the community would appreciate an official gathering across all of our servers.There has been a decline in activity on a majority of the servers in the past year and a half. I am more than postive that players are missing the friendships and experiences that were made on these servers.

Therefore, I am happy to announce that we will be running an event from Friday December 16th to Sunday January 1st to help kickstart the revival of the Saxton Hell community.

A raffle will also be held until December 25th that can be entered here.[saxtonhell.com]
Prizes will be delivered by the 26th.

We of the Saxton Hell admin team wish you Happy Holidays and hope you will enjoy revisiting your favorite server!

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A new update is here, introducing 15 cosmetics, 3 taunts, 4 maps, a new Gun Mettle Campaign with 26 missions, 4 new weapon collections, a new cosmetic case, and a bunch of weapon balance changes.

Check out the full extended update page below.

Introducing 19 new cosmetics, 2 new taunts, 4 new maps, and Merasmissions, the halloween equivalent of Gun Mettle contracts.

Check out the official update page below!

Will be released shortly.

Check out the update page here!

Hey all, today's TF2 update brought in a brand new gamemode: Pass Time.

You can read about it here: http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=17833

We've setup 2 new servers to run this gamemode 24/7, so be sure to check them out:

Our Pass Time Servers
Pass Time Hell #1 –——— passtime1.hell.tf ————[saxtonhell.com]
Pass Time Hell #2 ———– passtime2.hell.tf ————[saxtonhell.com]

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