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Raffle Status Ended
Ended On June 25, 2014

Lets face it, the Steam Summer Sale is kinda awesome. But perhaps not awesome enough. For one, you still have to buy the games in the sale in order to get them. That's not awesome enough for us.

What is awesome, however, is getting these games for free!

Well guess what: now you can!

15 lucky winners will all win 3 free games from this giveaway. Game selection is determined by row, going down.

So for example, winner #2 will receive the games in the second row, winner #3 will receive the games in the third row, and so on.

Thanks go out to the following people who contributed games to this giveaway:

Turtle, Bikonito, Badum Tss!, Glaceon, Punishment_Fatal, Miaumon, Autumn

#1 btk
#2 Pops
#3 Foncy
#4 Alhelí
#5 redds
#6 ToastyBread
#7 dongle
#8 Uno
#9 Seatbelt
#10 Caketake
#11 Ferris Buehler's Day On
#12 what if the joker could beatbox
#13 iMod