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The beginnings of Saxton Hell date back to August 2011. This community was created out of the observed need for quality Saxton Hale TF2 servers.

We started with a single VSH server and the will to make a fun and enjoyable community and gameplay experience for everyone to enjoy.

After we noticed how popular our single Hale server was, we saw the need to expand. We added another Hale server and a trade server and let our community grow even more.

Fast forward to today; we now have 10 servers and around 99,300 members in our Steam group.

  • No Ads
    We hate ingame advertisements just as much as you do, and we pledge to never force our players to watch them.
  • No Hackers
    Nobody likes cheaters. Our servers feature advanced detection tools to prevent cheaters from ruining your gaming experience. Our detection methods go far beyond the capabilities of SourceMod Anti-Cheat to ensure that no cheater goes unpunished.
  • Fun Servers
    Our goal from our inception has been to provide fun servers for everyone to enjoy without all the bullshit that follows lesser servers.
  • Fast Server Updates
    An automatic server updater for TF2 updates seems like a no brainer right? That's what we thought too. All of our servers automatically and quickly update following game updates so that you can get right back to gaming faster.
  • Plugin Updates
    We have a team of dedicated plugin developers that ensure that all of our plugins stay 100% operational. No more broken plugins and features like you'll find on other servers.

Feel free to add our admins to friends if you require assistance.

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