Header Image Saxton Hell
Raffle Status Ended
Ended On September 06, 2014

Ever feel like shouting "YOU SUCK" to your enemies after obliterating them isn't enough? Well feel no more, because you can win a taunt (donated by our local Kuuko のんの) and send your enemies into an eternal abyss of anger!

You can win one of these taunts!

One of two Skullcrackers

I See You

Spent Well Spirits

Battin' A Thousand

Buy A Life

Donated by:

Kuuko のんの

(Who also states "Stop being useless" which you totally shouldn't be doing with these taunts)

#1 Cold Magic
#2 Yeahright
#3 Searing Star
#4 Great Lord Butterbean
#5 PineAppler
#6 Pocket Blackberet